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SheLeads365 provides effective tools and strategies for all women to grow 
personally and professionally.
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SheLeads365 was developed to allow women to reflect on how you spend your time each day, and what you consider to be your strengths.We can also help you meet goals, live a fuller life, and leave the legacy you choose. Start with our customized personal assessment.

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Have a women's organization that would enjoy discovering more about themselves and strategies for self-improvement?Contact Patton Leadership Consulting to inquire about a customized SheLeads365 presentation for your group.

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Our first two seminars in Leavenworth, KS were both a great success. Thanks for the support!Upcoming seminars and workshops are currently scheduled in great locations like Temple, TX, Killeen, TX, and a return to Leavenworth, KS

SheLeads365 is a program of
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SheLeads365 can help you:
  • Be inspired by women who paved the way

  • Learn financial strategies for women at all stages of their life

  • Create a plan to take care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit

  • Form a network of women you can depend on

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